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Koteewi Run Snow Tubing Hill

The Hill

Join us for a breath taking slide down Koteewi Run, central Indiana's only specialized snow tubing hill.  Slide 700 feet down groomed lanes in our custom snow tubes to the landing (2 1/3 football fields for reference), and then ride our tow line back to the top for another run.  No experience necessary, just proper attire for the conditions and a thirst for outdoor fun and adventure. Read about our process for making snow.

Season Calendar/Hours 2020-2021

Season:  Open (conditions permitting) December 19 through February (into March if conditions allow)

Operating Hours:

  • Weekdays, non-Holiday(Mon-Thurs) 5pm - 9pm
  • Fridays: 5pm - 10pm
  • Saturdays: 11am - 10pm
  • Sundays: 1pm - 8pm
  • Holidays: 11am - 10pm
    • Holiday Dates:
      • December 19th through Jan 3rd (Christmas vacation)
      • January 18th (Martin Luther King, Jr. Day)
      • February 15th (President's Day)
    • Christmas Eve Hours - 11am – 5pm
    • Closed Christmas Day

Tubing FAQS

Can more than one person ride in the tube?

  • No.  Only one person per tube.

What is the minimum age/height/weight for a child?

  • While we don’t have a specific minimum age for children, they must be able to handle their tube unassisted at the point of loading the lift line, riding up on the tube, and unloading at the top, then sliding down the hill in the tube by themselves, and follow the instructions for clearing their lane at the bottom of the hill.  It is a parent’s discretion as to the child’s ability to tube safely under these guidelines, but our staff will refuse tubing or disqualify from further tubing if they feel these conditions can’t be met without danger to the child or to other participants.  We recommend that parents consider this information prior to purchasing a pass as there are no refunds.
  • We do have a child area where parents with children too young to ride the lift line can tube.  You’ll walk up to these short hills to slide down and there are piles of snow to play on.

Do you have a warming area, concessions, and a place to change?

  • We have a very small enclosed area with heaters for warming up.  Access will be limited in our 2020-2021 season due to social distancing requirements associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. Masks will be required to enter the building.
  • We have light concessions:  hot chocolate & coffee, hot dogs, drinks, candy
  • The restrooms are heated and you can change in them.  Just remember that you share the restrooms with our other guests, and so privacy is limited.

Can I bring my own sled?

  • No.  We do not allow any sleds, boards, tubes, etc to be brought on the premises.  We have specialized custom snow tubes for the park, and the cost is included in your pass.

Can I sled or tube at the park on my own, on days and times when the hill is not open?

  • No.  Koteewi Run is a partnership between OEI, a private company, and Hamilton County Parks & Rec (HCPR).  The tubing hill and facility is managed as a private business by OEI, and the overall Strawtown Koteewi Park is otherwise governed by park hours set by HCPR.  It is against the law to trespass on the tubing facility grounds during hours when OEI is not in operation (including night time hours when we are making and moving snow). 

Take me through the process…How do I do this?

  • Tickets should be purchased via the site by clicking the Buy Tickets & Passes button on any page of the site for best availability, but you can purchase tickets when you arrive subject to availability and wait times. 
  • All Participants must have a signed Waiver Form.  These should be completed electronically prior to arrival by clicking the link . All waiver forms are electronic…there are no paper waiver forms.
  • Check in at the Ticket window when you arrive Koteewi Run.  Our staff will check the waiver data base to confirm that each participant has a waiver on file, and then issue your Lift Pass that allows you access to the Tube Cage and the Lift Line.
  • Your pass will have your END TIME on it, to be checked by the staff member each time you reach the lift line.
  • Now you’re tubing.  Follow the instructions of our Staff at all times.  Our staff is trained in every step of the tubing process, and here to help you have the good time you intended.  Your responsibility is to follow the instructions the Staff provides so everyone shares that intended good time.
  • Our tow line will take you up the hill.  Our staff stationed at the entry to the lift will have you sit on your tube, and instruct you on hooking your tow handle to the tow line.  You then simply sit still and the tow line pulls you to the top, where our staff will give instructions for exiting the lift and moving to a lane for your launch down the hill.
  • You’ll slide down one of our groomed lanes.  The bottom of the hill, where you stop, is called the Run-Out and we highly recommend you follow the Staff instructions- staying in your lane, and exiting the Run-Out area as directed and as soon as possible so that others can slide down the same lane behind you without collision. 
  • If you have time remaining on your pass, you’ll follow the path back to the lift and start the process over.  If your time is expired, you’ll take the path back to the tube cage and return your tube.  If you have time left on your pass and just feel like taking a break, you return your tube to the tube cage and take your break in the common area around the fire pits or in the office/restroom area.  When your break is over, present your pass again at the tube cage, and return to the line for the lift.

How should I dress?

  • Dress for the conditions of the day, and plan on being outdoors in those conditions for the duration of your stay at Koteewi Run. Avoid cotton because it holds moisture and robs your body heat.  Avoid multiple pairs of socks because they restrict the blood flow to your toes.
  • Dress like our Staff…remembering always that “Dry is Warm, and Wet is Cold”
    • Water Resistant or Water Proof Boots
    • One pair of Liner socks (to wick moisture), and one pair of WOOL (not cotton) socks
    • Synthetic or wool base layer against the skin - tops and bottoms
    • Snow pants or other water resistant or water proof pants/bibs (not cotton)
    • Fleece or other synthetic mid-layer jacket or sweatshirt with a high collar to block the wind from your neck (can be worn alone or covered by your parka or jacket depending on the temperature)
    • Wind Resistant or Water Proof parka or jacket
    • Water proof gloves
    • Hat to suit the conditions
    • Goggles or sunglasses to protect your eyes from the glare of the sun on the snow and from the wind
    • Sunscreen, SPF 15 or higher, and lip balm will minimize wind burn and sun burn

Ok, got the right clothes, what else do I need to bring?

  • ID, wallet, cash or major credit card
  • Extra clothes and shoes for the trip home

Do I need to sign anything?

  • All Participants must have a signed Waiver Form.  These should be completed electronically prior to arrival by clicking the link . All waiver forms are electronic…there are no paper waiver forms.
  • Minors less than age 18 will need a Parent or Responsible Adult to sign the Waiver for them.  Choose either of the two links, Minors or Adults and Minors, for filling out your own and the children you are signing for.  If you are an adult 18 years or older and signing only for yourself, choose Adult.

How long can we tube?

  • See the Tickets & Passes section of the site for options. 
  • The Full Session pass for normal, non-holiday weekdays Monday through Thursday covers our operating hours for that specific day. 
  • We offer 2-hour and 3-hour passes for weekends (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) and holiday days.  See our Season Schedule/Operating Hours on the site to know the designated holidays. 
  • Additional time can be purchased when you buy your 2 or 3 hour pass initially (at $5 per hour).
  • You can also purchase additional time when your time expires (at $10 per hour) subject to availability of tubes.  We cannot guarantee your tube will be available for additional time without waiting.  We recommend purchasing the additional time up-front, remembering there are no refunds for time not used.

Do you have multi-session or season passes?

  • We have Season Passes. These can be bought on the site by clicking the Buy Tickets & Passes button.

How do we pay?

  • You’ll pay with credit card online, and there is a convenience fee associated with paying online.
  • You can pay at the Koteewi Run payment window with cash or major credit card.  We do not accept personal checks.


OEI feels it is important that all participants (ADULT PARTICIPANTS or MINOR PARTICIPANTS and/or RESPONSIBLE ADULTS) understand the nature of our sports and are aware of, understand, and appreciate the inherent risks involved.  Snow Tubing risks include, but are not limited to, falling from the tube; collision with others and/or objects at the end of the lane; collisions resulting from a tube crossing the lane divider into an adjoining lane; collision resulting from another tuber or group of tubers overtaking the participant; unexpected change of speed due to varying changes in snow conditions; participants have little control of their tube once the slide begins; failure of equipment; and use of the conveyor lift.  Other inherent risks of Snow Tubing include, but are not limited to, erratic or negligent behavior of the participant or of other participants; sudden changes in weather, weather-related occurrences, and acts of nature; and judgment errors by staff (including error in judging the ability of participants, failure to anticipate developing problem situations, and failure to anticipate sudden changes in weather conditions).  Risks of Observing and Being on the Premises for Both the Participant and Non-Participant include, but are not limited to, standing too close to the run-out areas, being struck by tubes or other equipment; being struck by out-of-control tubers, slipping and falling (on slick, wet, icy, or uneven spots, in restrooms and other indoor areas); slippery or uneven sidewalks, steps, and outdoor surfaces; and various parking lot hazards such as vehicle traffic and unsure footing.
It is important that all participants (ADULT PARTICIPANTS or MINOR PARTICIPANTS and/or RESPONSIBLE ADULTS) understand that injuries can occur as the result of these inherent risks, which include, but are not limited to muscle strains and sprains, bruises, contusions, abrasions, sunburn, frost bite, hypothermia, muscle soreness, broken bones, ligament and joint injuries, back and neck injuries, concussions, internal injuries, eye injuries, brain injury; spinal cord and back injuries, heart attack, stroke, or even death.

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